Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about your Furniture Warranty? Try our FAQ's below or if you require further assistance please contact us.

Are your premiums one off or the cost per annum?
Our premium covers you for 5 years and you are not required to pay annually.

What should I do if I spill something on my furniture?
In the event of a spillage or stain you should act immediately. Blot liquid spills or remove solids with a clean white cloth/paper towel, work towards the centre of the spillage. Do not rub as this will damage your furniture. Should a spillage result in a stain, follow the claims procedure.

When does my warranty expire?
Your warranty expires on the expiry date shown on you warranty certificate. This is usually 5 years from the date your furniture is delivered.

My sofa is less than 12 months old and the recliner is not working, what should I do?
Contact the retailer from where you purchased the sofa from as this will be covered by the standard 12 month manufacturer's warranty.

My sofa was delivered damaged, can I still claim?
No, the policy does not cover furniture that was delivered damage. Please contact the retailer to arrange for your furniture to be repaired/replaced.

Why can't I register my claim online?
If you are having trouble registering your claim online you can call us on our 24 hour claim line 01384 473000.

Do I have to pay an excess if I make a claim on my policy?
No, we do not charge an excess to claim on your warranty.

How can I check what is included or excluded in my warranty policy?
Your terms and conditions clearly state what is included in your warranty policy. If you have any questions you can call us on our claims line to discuss your warranty. Our claims line is 01384 473000.

What happens if the repair cost exceeds the claims limit on my policy?
If the repair cost exceeds the claims limit we will still carry out the repair at no extra cost to you.

I've moved house, how can I change my address?
If you have moved house you will need to inform us of your change of address in writing. Please include your previous address, new address, full name and policy ID when writing in to us. The address to write to can be found here.